How to Join

Click here to download the membership application (Revised 2017)

RAT Membership Policy (Revised 2009)

Expectations of members:

RAT is a hard working club powered by volunteers! Our ability to put on trials, demos, and practices depends entirely on the active participation of our members.

Types of membership and dues:

  • Individual Membership: One vote* at club meetings, $25.00/year**
  • Family Membership: Up to two votes* at club meetings, $30.00/year**

* To vote, you must be a regular Member in Good Standing -see below
** Dues for applications and subscriptions received after July 1 are prorated to half the annual rate.

Application Process:

  1. Application: Download the application, get a sponsor, fill out the form, sign the waiver and write a check for your membership fees, payable to RAT. Mail the application and dues to the RAT Membership Committee, or expedite your application, gifted MIGS status, (and introduction!) by bringing your application to your first club meeting.
  2. Sponsor: Any current RAT member who knows you can be your sponsor. If you don’t know any RAT members, Contact us and we will help you get started
  3. Introduction: Following receipt of your completed application and dues, you will be introduced to members of the club via email.   
  4. Confirmation: Following publication of your information, RAT Members will have 30 days to object to your admission by sending a letter to the RAT Board. If there are no objections within 30 days, you automatically become a member of RAT. Congratulations!

Members In Good Standing (MIGS):

New members receive “Gifted” MIGS status after they attend their first club meeting.   Gifted MIGS status includes all of the benefits of membership in RAT except the right to vote for the first 12 months of membership. To extend your benefits to gain voting priviliges, you must become a regular Member In Good Standing (MIGS). For more information on the requirements, please see the Membership page. You may begin working towards regular MIGS status immediately, and you must have regular MIGS status after your first 12 months to continue receiving full membership benefits. We strongly encourage you to talk to your sponsor about getting involved in club activities. Please contact the membership committee if you have any additional questions or concerns.