Fun Runs

Agility fun runs are held periodically. Fun Runs are free for members of the Rainier Agility Team. Members may bring a guest at the cost of $10 per additional handler/dog team. All participants are expected to arrive on time to help set up as well as stay for tear-down after the fun run. Practice guidelines apply to all fun runs, and can be viewed here:

Fun Run Guidelines

All people attending a Fun Run need to sign the attendance sheet / waiver form:

Fun Run Attendance and Waiver

To volunteer to schedule and run a fun run, please contact

We are currently planning some fun runs for the upcoming months. Check back soon. For directions, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Fun Run Schedule

Date Day Time PIC* Practice Type Location
2/19/17 Sunday 10:00 am – noon Mike Vorkapich Open Rivendale, Woodinville
3/26/17 Sunday 9:00 am – noon Mike Vorkapich Open Blast, Gig Harbor
Tax Day Fun!
Saturday 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Mike Vorkapich Open Vortex, Kent
Root Beer Run!
Click for Flyer
Saturday TBD Tegan Moore
Mike Vorkapich
Open to the public Mega-Dogs, Woodinville
7/1/17 Saturday 2-5 pm Mike Vorkapich Open
CPE Jackpot course
Rivendale, Woodinville
8/6/17 Sunday TBD Mike Mason Open Home of Mike and Debbie Mason
Arlington, WA
10/14/17 Saturday 10:00 AM Mike Vorkapich Open Argus Ranch Practice Arena
11/4/17 Saturday 2:00 PM Eric Sanford Open Four Paw Sports Center, Lynnwood WA
12/10/17 Sunday 1:00 PM Mike Vorkapich Open Rivendale, Woodinville

*PIC = Person In Charge

Who can participate in fun runs?

In order to participate in RAT fun runs you must be a current RAT member and meet at least one of the following critera:

  • The dog has earned at least one qualifying score in a Regular/Standard class at the Novice/Starters level in a sanctioned agility trial
  • The handler has earned a minimum of an Elite/Masters/Excellent title on a dog that they have trained
  • The handler has permission from the Person in Charge (PIC)
  • Attendance as a guest (see the full RAT Practice Guidelines for details)

Fun Run Organization
The Person in Charge (PIC) may make changes to the organization of fun runs as they see fit, but all fun runs will generally follow these guidelines:

  • Participants will add their dogs’ names to the sign up board
  • Each handler is allowed to run a maximum of twice per full rotation if they have two or more dogs
  • Running order will be determined by jump height
  • The next handler team to run will be “on deck” and ready for their turn
  • If a timer is used, the clock will start when the previous team leaves the course, or when a jump height change has been completed
  • Members may use their time as they see fit for their training goals – they may run the numbered course or not.
  • Participants should ask in advance if they want assistance (e.g., targets, pseudo judges, ring stewards, etc.)
  • All participants are expected to help set courses, change jump heights, straighten chutes, etc.

For additional information about hosting or attending fun runs please read the
complete Fun Run Guidelines


 Directions to the Kent Arena

Directions to Rivendale Learning Center

Directions to Sky River K-9

BLAST Arena, Gig Harbor