The Northwest Agility League is an opportunity to practice in a competitive but fun environment, run agility games not regularly seen at trials, and to make new agility friends.  For 2015, League will starts the week of October 12th and runs through Saturday December 5th.  During this 8-week period we will run 7 of the weeks (skipping one week of choice as planned by the site coordinator) with one Standard Agility Course and one Games Course each week.  Each team consists of 4 handlers and their dogs and competes for the highest cumulative score. League Courses and Rules are available from the Columbia Agility Team (CAT).  Read more about League rules and eligibility below!  New handler/dog teams may enter FEO.

2015 League Entry Form


Location Coordinator Contact
Purdy Susan Perry sjperry44@gmail.com
Kent Jill Seward jill@little-furry-things.com
Woodinville Stephanie Dubick calypsocorgi@gmail.com

Send entry forms and all general questions to Steve Else RATAgilityLeague@outlook.com

Participation in the Northwest Agility League through RAT is open to any RAT member who has entered an agility trial in any sanctioning organization. Participating dogs must be at least 18 months old and must be able to perform all obstacles safely. Bitches in season, as well as dogs who are aggressive, disabled, or ill, may not participate.

Multiple dogs
A handler may substitute different dogs they own on different days, but the same dog must compete in both the regular and games for a single day’s session. A handler may run more than one dog on different teams, provided there is space on teams for everyone.

Team Organization
RAT members may enter as a Draw or two RAT members may form a team in league.  One member of the team  must have competed at a high level in agility (e.g., Masters, Elite, Excellent, Level 4).  The second member has only to have entered in a sanctioned agility trial. On the entry form, please include both team member names and the team name (which should begin with RAT e.g., RAT Pack, RATtlers, etc.)   The final two team members  for each team will be  randomly assigned by the RAT League organizer, based only on experience level to ensure all teams are equally experienced.    

Alternates are club members who can fill in occasionally. There is no fee for alternates. Alternates may be a regular team member at another session (e.g., regular team member at Kent, and alternate at Purdy).

For Exhibition Only
A RAT Member may sign up For Exhibition Only (FEO).  This will be on a space available basis.  Exhibition handlers may or may not have previously entered a trial.  Exhibition handlers will run as individuals unless there are enough FEO dogs at your site to form a team.  The dog should know the obstacles, but may go around any obstacle.  The dog will not be judged or scored.

League Email List
The league email list is a special purpose email list to coordinate the NW Agility League and is for announcements and scoring.  Only the Site Leaders, the Chief Scorer, and League Coordinator may post to the list.  You may subscribe to this list as a participant in League, as a Team Leader, Member of a Team, or For Exhibition Only (FEO).  This list will be shut down after the last event in December, and you will be automatically unsubscribed. You may self-subscribe to the list by sending a message to NWAgilityLeague-subscribe@yahoogroups.com from the email address at which you wish to receive the league postings (more than one is OK). It is not necessary to register with Yahoo to receive messages, unless you wish to change your subscription.  If you do not wish to continue to belong to NWAgilityLeague list, you may unsubscribe by sending an email from the address you are receiving messages, to NWAgilityLeague-unsubscribe@Yahoogroups.com

Fees for 2015

  • Regular RAT Members: $35
  • RAT MIGS (including gifted status): $30
  • For Exhibition Only: $25
  • Alternates (i.e., subs): no fee