Board of Directors

Board of Directors as of January 1, 2017

Position Contact
President Eric Sanford
Vice President Michael Vorkapich
Secretary Sally Nickelson
Treasurer Patti Cavin
Directors (At Large) George Axtell
Sher Francis
Lisa Triggs

Board election process:

  • A nominating committee is formed in October or earlier. The committee consists of one Board member and two MIGs. The Board member cannot be the President
  • The nominating committee looks at the club membership and comes up with a slate of officers they feel would best represent the club. These are presented to the club in November
  • Any additional nominations for Board positions can be taken from club members at the November club meeting. Anyone can be nominated. A person can even nominate themselves. However, any person so nominated has to be notified in advanced and willing to serve
  • Voting takes place in early December. Currently, this is done through a digital voting system
  • Election results are announced in mid-December
  • The new Officers take office on January 1st.