Awards and Recognition

RAVE (Rainier Agility Vote of Excellence)

This award is presented each year to someone that has gone above and beyond in their contribution to the sport of dog agility. The recipient does not need to be a Member in Good Standing or even a RAT  member. But, best of all, the recipient is selected by you! (You must be a Member in Good Standing in order to vote)

Michael Vorkapich has posted the 2016 RAVE Award Letter

Previous Recipients:

Year Recipient
1992 Sharon Nelson
1993 Jill Crawford
1994 Sandra Katzen
1995 Gordon Frazier
1996 Donn Venema
1997 Pritamo Ketala
1998 Roberta Foster
1999 Nancy Stephenson
2000 Susan Perry
2001 Evelyn Robertson
2002 Mike Tu
2003 Shari Arita
2004 Debbie Mason
2005 Shirley Kostric
2006 Janey Wilcox
2007 Laura Crandall
2008 Micki Lagrou
2009 Andrea Dexter
2010 Carol and Jim Hibbard
2011 Julie Pitt
2012 Patti Cavin
2013 Ginny Partridge
2014 Cathy Percy and Teddi Bottiger (joint award)
2015 Michael Vorkapich
2016 Beth Gideon
2017 Holly Leale