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RAT Tales – February 2018

Spotlight on RAT members Have brags?  pictures,? announcements for the next Rat Tales the Blog?  Email Sandy Cox and Nick Nick if you Welcome to the Rat Tales Blog section called Spotlight on members.  Each month or so we will try to highlight a “new” member and an “old” member.  We hope you enjoy … Continue reading

February 2018 RAT Brag Board

February 2018 RAT Members Brags! Teddi and Kwest Kwest earned NATCH2 at RAT’s Sweetheart trial with a perfect Chances run! It also marked my partial return to the agility ring after 4 months post  knee replacement. It’s been quite a journey and I’m thrilled to be running my boy again! Kwest in 2014 at NADAC Champs Eric and … Continue reading