RAT Tales – November 2016

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Upcoming Club Meetings    

December 10, 2016/Hansville/Host: Ginny Partridge/10am (tentative)

January 8, 2017, 1:30 pm (Winterfest): Bahama Breeze restaurant, 15700 Southcenter Parkway, Tukwila, WA.  (meeting, fun and games planned, good food and drinks. Vegetarian and gluten free options available. Hope to see everyone! Kari Hammergren and Angie Atkinson; organizers.

Upcoming RAT Trials:

Dec 3-4, USDAA, Argus Ranch. Judges David Mueller & Leslie Bickel.
Events include titling and tournaments (Grand Prix/Perf. Grand Prix; Steeplechase/Perf. Speed Jumping; Masters and Perf Biathlon). Closing date is 21 November. Chair Maria Lyons. Secretary Patti Cavin.   Premium

Dec 30-31, Jan 1,  CPE, Argus Ranch. Judge Todd Benson. Co-Chairs Barb Krause & Renee Barnaby. Secretary Ginny Partridge. *TRIAL IS FULL*. Waitlist for Friday is full. Still taking entries for Saturday & Sunday waitlists.

Feb 4-5, NADAC, Argus Ranch. Judges Jackie Loeser & Murrelet Halterman. *trial moved to Argus due to construction at Elma. Opening date is Dec 12. Chair Cheryl Parker. Secretary Karen Ricketts.   Premium

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Upcoming Vote for the 2017 Board of Directors

Eric Sanford  President

Beth Gideon  Secretary

Patti Cavin   Treasurer

Mike Vorkapich  VP

Melody Glispie member at large

Karen Rickets  member at large

Sue Olson member at large

& The RAVE award (Rainier Agility Vote of Excellence) which is presented yearly to someone who has contributed above and beyond to the sport of agility. Members in Good Standing (MIGS) vote for the person in the Pacific Northwest, not necessarily a RAT member, they feel has contributed considerably to the sport or who has inspired them personally.

Thank You to Standing Committee Members!

Position Contact
Awards – Member Plaques Ginny Partridge
Awards – ASCA Ribbons Lynn Chase
Awards – CPE Ribbons Karen Ricketts
Awards – NADAC Ribbons Susan Olsen
Kathy Swan (Poles)
Awards – USDAA Ribbons

Awards – Member Pins

Kris Mackay

Stephanie Dubick

Demonstrations Mike Vorkapich
Annual Donations Kari Hammargren
Equipment Cathy Percy
Teddi Bottiger
Electronics Cathy Percy
Teddi Bottiger
Facebook Beth Gideon
Holiday Party Kari Hammargren
Angie Atkinson
Hospitality (Trials) Jill Seward —> Pam Diemond
League Steve Else
Membership Betsy Feldman
Marcia Lyons
Fun Runs Michael Vorkapich
Publications (RAT Tales) Carol Nottenburg —> Janey Wilcox
Raffle Jeanne Emmons,  Janey Wilcox
RAT Wear Val Tangen
Sunshine Heather Bruce —> Doris Dyar,

Sher Francis, Laura Crandall

Website Katherine Martucci
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Yahoo Group RAT_List Sandy Cox


Doris Dyar and Maggie Help Kids Read.   Maggie (rescued from Collar of Hope in 2012) reads with Austin and Grace as part of her Therapy Dog work. Austin recently took tests on four different books he read with Maggie and scored 100% on each one! Mags loves spending time with people, especially kids. Currently, we are waiting to get approval from a school in Gig Harbor to start reading with kiddos twice a month!


Lisa Triggs Welcomes Tacoma’s Most Eligible Bachelor. (Alan Berner/The Seattle Times)   Dozer, 23, is one whale of a walrus, weighing 3,650 pounds. He is on loan from SeaWorld San Antonio through spring breeding season to mate with two females at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma — Joan, 21, and Brasilla, 33. Senior staff biologist Lisa Triggs, above, feeds him 83 pounds a day of herring, squid and capelin, and says he’s “not fazed by much, is laid-back, patient and adapts well to new environments.” He lives in a saltwater pool in the Rocky Shores area of the zoo. A Pacific walrus, he’s one of only 14 in captivity in the U.S. (five more are in Canada) and was born in captivity. He responds to hand signals so he can be fed, have ultrasounds, have blood samples taken and have his 17-inch tusks checked. He’s 13-feet-long from his nose to his flippers, lying down.






After retiring from agility, Tucker began Nosework at the age of 10 and found his true calling. In one year, and at the age of 11, he finished his Advanced Nosework title. – Janey Wilcox




Jet I Fly will make her dog agility debut on Black Friday at the AKC Sami trial at FFP. We will then compete in our first ever USDAA trial the following weekend at the RAT trial! Go Jet Go!!! – Eric Sanford




Jake Ryan and I had a very fun ASCA Nationals winning High in Trial novice dog.  Such a special boy.  Nice to have Sandra Katzen as one of the judges.

A great time at Aussie Nationals in Albany, OR. Veterans Agility Finals. Jill Wolfard and Roxy 5th place (also placing in 3 of the final runs). Steve Else and Jackson 8th place. Susan Perry and Tsunami 2nd place.

The Kocker Krew had a great time at NADAC Champs!!  We got to hang out with friends, old and new,and watch a lot of impressive teams.  Washington was well represented!  After competing in the pre-Champs trial on Tues and Weds, all four dogs ran in Champs Thurs –  Sunday, with Kleo and Ketch making the Finals and getting a bonus run on Sunday afternoon!  At the end that day, Kleo finished 1st in her division, with brother Kwest finishing in 4th place.   Kwip finished 5th in the pre-elite competition.   Ketch finished 3rdin his Vet division, and ran strong and happy all week… just 6 months post-TPLO.  Momma’s Teddi and Cathy are super proud of them all! 


Cynosports (USDAA): Jackson finished 3rd in PVP Gamblers out of something like 107 dogs in P16!  He also finished 4th (of 56) in P16 Biathlon!  Biathlon placement is based on cumulative time in Master’s Challenge Standard and Jumpers events, which are extra technical, complex courses. We competed in the semifinals for Performance Speed Jumping (the Performance version of Steeplechase) and Performance Grand Prix, ran both events clean and were just one second out of Finals in PGP. We also had a fantastic vacation, with fun drives down and back with a caravan of PNW agility friends. jackson-steve

ASCA Finals is the competition that you have to qualify for; the top 30 veteran dogs in the country are invited, and overall placements are based on cumulative scores from 2 regular runs, 1 jumpers run and 1 gamblers run.   This was our 3rd time competing in Finals, and our highest placement, finishing 8th!  We were 3rd and 4th in the two regular runs, and 17th in Jumpers despite falling hard on the slippery dead grass during the run.

ASCA Nationals is open to all Aussies, and consists of two runs in each discipline: regular, gamblers and jumpers.  At past National Specialties we only broke into the top 10 in 1-2 runs, but this year 5 out of 6 events were top 10 placements. Finally, we earned ATCH-4 during one of the pre-trials! – Steve Else