~ RAT will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of NADAC at the L’Argus trial.   Hard to believe that the very first NADAC trial was hosted by the Rainier Agility Team twenty years ago!   Think about it, 20 years ago Sleepless in Seattle was one of the top movies in the box office, gas was $1.16 a gallon, and the world wide web was born at CERN.  

~ Get ready for  the 16th annual Fido Follies, taking place on June 22nd at the RAT L’Argus NADAC trial.   Fido Follies is a unique three-dog relay event and is non-sanctioned, but does feature homemade ribbons and fabulous prizes for the first four teams.  There are also prizes for best costumes and other categories. This year’s theme is “Sweet 16.”   For more information and to register, download the RAT NADAC L’Argus premium.