The Rainier Agility Team is a non-profit club dedicated to promoting the sport of dog agility. Founded in 1989, RAT was the first agility club in the Seattle-Tacoma area.



Latest News:

(2/20/17) April USDAA Premium Posted
The premium for the April USDAA trial has been posted to the Trials Page.

(2/12/17) March ASCA and May CPE Premiums Posted
The premiums for the March ASCA and May CPE trials have been posted to the Trials Page.

(12/11/16) Sweetheart NADAC Premium Posted
The Premium for the Sweetheart NADAC trial, February 4-5, 2017, has been poseted to the Trials Page. Please note that this is a revised premium from one that was previously posted. We have rearranged the schedule to include one Jumpers run on Saturday. Additionally, the opening date has been moved to December 14th.

(11/9/16) Event Calendars Updated
The various trial calendars have been updated with the very latest information. You can find information on Rainier Agility Team Trials and Pacific Northwest Trials.

(10/19/16) December 2016 USDAA Trial
The Premium for the Fall USDAA Trial, December 3 & 4, 2016 has been posted to the Trials Page. Come join us at Argus Ranch for some USDAA Fun!

(10/16/16) December 2016 CPE Trial
The Premium for the CPE Trial, December 30th, December 31st, and January 1st has been posted to the Trials Page. This is the last trial of the year if you are trying to qualify for CPE Nationals in 2017.

(10/1/16) November 2016 ASCA Trial
The Premium for the ASCA Trial November 18-20 has been posted to the Trials Page

(9/21/16) The Rainier Agility Team on TV
Today King 5 News out of Seattle, WA had a dog-themed day on their morning talk show, New Day Northwest. The Rainier Agility Team was on hand explaining the sport of Agility and showing off some moves. Mike Vorkapich was on-hand to talk with the host about the sport. Videos were shown that showcased other RAT members and their dogs (Steve Else and Ginny Partridge). And, in an unrelated story on the same show, RAT member Mike Mason had his dog Boogie as part of the Pet Photography segment.

Click Here to watch the story.

(7/12/16) September 2016 NADAC Trial (Dog Days of Summer)
The Premiumfor the NADAC Trial September 3-4, 2016 has been posted to the trials page

(7/12/16) Demonstrations added
The Rainier Agility Team has added two more demonstrations this year. We are now doing the Pitbulls on Parade and Barkathon. Check out our demonstrations page for more information!

(6/14/16) Change to June NADAC Trial (L’Argus)
Due to low interest this year, the Fido Follies event has been cancelled. In its place we are adding three runs in recognition of our Double Digit Dogs. We are adding one round of Tunnelers and two rounds of Barrelers on Saturday. There will be special discounted pricing for these runs and MIGS discounts will not be applicable. Double Digit Dogs (those age 10 or greater as of June 30, 2016) will pay just $5.00 per run for each of these classes. For non-double digit dogs (those under 10 years old), Tunnelers will be $10 per run. Barrelers is $10 for one run or $15.00 for both runs (per dog).
Entry forms for the new classes can be found on the Trials page.

(6/6/16) NEW: Demonstrations
We have just added a Demonstrations list to our website. This is a list of all the demonstrations the club is currently booked for.

(5/2/16) June 2016 NADAC Trial Premium Available
The Premium for the NADAC Trial June 24-26, 2016 has been posted to the trials page.

(4/5/16) April 2016 USDAA Trial Catalog Available
The Catalog for the USDAA Trial on April 9-10, 2016 has been posted to the trials page. The catalog is subject to change; be sure to check gate sheets and posted run orders at the event.

(3/13/16) May 2016 CPE Trial Premium Available

The Premium for the CPE Trial on May 14-15, 2016 has been posted to the trials page.


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